About Us

Meet the Co-Founders                    Teri Sexton and Naomi Stahl

Teri Sexton and Naomi Stahl are the co-founders of BALANCE4Kids, LLC. Colleagues & friends, their journey began as early childhood educators and practitioners of yoga and mindfulness. They are passionate about developing children’s social-emotional skills, fostering resiliency, and encouraging a lifelong love for learning.

As experienced educators, both Teri and Naomi hold master’s degrees in education. Each has over 25 years’ experience working with children. They are certified Children’s Yoga Instructors, including Trauma Sensitive Yoga. Teri and Naomi trained together as facilitators for Calm Classroom and brought this school-wide mindfulness program to their district. They have both served as members of their district’s  Wellness Committee. Additionally, Teri has completed a master’s certificate in Trauma in Learning. She was a founding member of her school’s Safe and Supportive Schools Committee. Naomi is a licensed school counselor. She has recently completed her dissertation on social-emotional learning and earned a doctoral degree in education in Transformative Leadership.